Kids are Top Targets for Identity Theft

Over 1 Million were victims in the U.S. last year alone. Protect their identities as well for no additional cost with our Family First Plan.

Protect Seniors From 
Identity Theft

It Only Takes One 

One Hacker. One Breach. 
One Huge Nightmare.

Mailboxes get broken into. Personal accounts and business networks get hacked. Even mega-entities like Facebook, Equifax, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, FDIC and IRS have been breached. Threats exist outside our borders as was the case with the Russian Cyber Criminal who shared 100 billion user accounts.  Where one threat is squelched, another finds a back door.

An identity is stolen every 2 seconds.

9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year.

$904 million in fraud-related losses

Best Identity Theft Protection

Breaches costly, inconvenient, and unsettling. Victims without identity theft protection are met with a spectrum of challenges to rectify their credit, finances, and even their criminal history, such as:

ID PRO is ever-vigilant in the fight against Identity Theft

“I was hit 3 times:

  1. SIVST took out $0.29 and then I reported bank card lost and applied for a new card
  2. Hit me for $600.00 on paycard charge
  3. I put on $4,200 on a charge card. The [scammers] received the card but were not able to use it”
  4. My experience with my original call to the Identity Theft 24/7 intake and monitoring center?

    “Very good. They got started right away! She explained things thoroughly and helped on how to fill out [the identity theft recovery packet.]”

    My experience with the identity theft recovery agent?

    “They were very good, [and made] Pay pal cover the $600.00 [and,] they stopped them from getting the $4,200 scam charge. They were very professional and thorough and made sure I was completely refunded and satisfied.”

— John S.

Whether you are the victim of fraud or looking for ways to defend your assets, finding the best identity theft protection is paramount. However, with ID PRO providing ID protection, here’s what you can expect:

If identity theft has already taken place, we will:

Work to restore the consumer’s identity to pre-theft status if they have already become a victim and don’t know it yet.

Consult on filing ID theft claims with law enforcement.

Regain control of the victim’s identity.

Haven't had the "pleasure" of dealing with identity theft?

Let’s keep it that way. We will monitor personal information and accounts, and alert you of anything out of the ordinary, and reimburse you for most out-of-pocket expenditures.

Family-First Plan

With ID PRO’s premier security plan, you can safeguard yourself and your household for just 60 cents a day.

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